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Sources of Inspiration
looking at a blank page
frustration sets in
words don't come
let's hunt for inspiration.
paint splatters
on old building walls
                                                                    (like Rorschach tests!)
tornado sirens
playing with fire
so much music
again with the music
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 1 2
I am the pinprick in the back of your neck
Causing your hair to rise
I am the split-second shadow at the edge of your vision
Making you question your own eyes
I live in the drops of sweat running down your temples,
in your jittery nerves,
in your racing heart.
I pour adrenaline into your veins like flour into cookie dough,
licking my fingers after a job well done.
I tickle your senses, tricking you with fake noises and false visions,
And toy with your sanity until there is nothing left for you to do but doubt.
You can call me Paranoia.
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 2 2
I am the pinprick in the back of your neck
     Causing your hair to rise
I am the split-second shadow at the edge of your vision
     Making you question your own eyes
I live in the drops of sweat running down your temples,
in your jittery nerves,
in your racing heart.
I pour adrenaline into your veins like sugar into cookie dough,
licking my fingers after a job well done.
I tickle your senses, tricking you with fake noises and false visions.
Toy with your sanity until there is nothing left for you to do but doubt.
You can call me Paranoia.
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 2 11
He grinned at me.
Why didn’t I notice that little boy smile before?
He talked to me.
Um, when did his voice get cute?
He laughed. I followed suit.
Was his laugh always like that? Could it always bring a smile to my face, too?
In fact, was it always so impossible for me to take my eyes off him?
Suddenly, I felt like I had a mild case of heartburn or something. Yet I doubted it was the spicy sushi I ate for lunch. No. Heartburn doesn’t come and go whenever you’re near someone.
Oh, crap…
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 0 2
Mature content
Vampire Heart-2 :iconmissdantil:MissDantil 1 6
She reloaded her gun, wishing the process could go faster. She couldn’t see them around her, but she knew they were there, knew they were close. It was only a matter of time before they showed themselves, came in for the kill. Her breathing quickened and she looked around, nearly tripping in the process, probably turning too fast to actually notice anything. She ran for a box, and after scrambling behind it, she suddenly heard a “clink”.
Then all she could see was red.
Beta threw her controller down in frustration.
“Damn grenades! They get me every single time!”
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 2 2
They didn’t like me. None of them did. As a matter of fact, I think that they all hated me. I could see it in the way that they glared and me and hear it in the way they talked to me.
From kindergarten up to high school, none of them had shown me any warmth. When I was little, I couldn’t help but wonder why. Why do these people hate my sister so much? Why are they so mean? Why don’t they let us play with them, too?
That stopped, though. Now, I hate them too.
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 1 5
She Made Me Panic
   I guess, upon much reflection, I’d say I’ve had a rough life. But I’m not crazy with self-pity or anything. There’s a lot of poor girls out there who’ve had it way worse than me. Hell, there’s a lot of people who still do, actually! Now, I’m not trying to complain about this either, but I do wish there was a happy-medium category as far as lives go. In most people’s eyes, your life is either really bad, or really good. Either you’re a homeless, disease-ridden kid in some 3rd world country, or you’re rich and happy with a nice family, perfectly manicured lawn, nice house, and maybe a dog. Or a cat. But the problem here is that my life doesn’t fit into either of those scenarios.
   I grew up as the only girl in my house. I had two brothers, older, it figures, and my dad. My mom? Well, she left our family by choice when I was really little. I don’t really remember much mor
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 3 15
Plastic Guitars and Play Money
  I think I’ve found out why people are always sadder the older they get. It’s not a complicated explanation either, nope. It all boils down to one simple fact: As they grow older, people loose touch with their inner child.
  That’s really the bottom line. I mean, once you really look at it, we’ve all got that kid still left in us. We’re just bigger now, and we’ve got better toys. I mean, sure we may get some money out of it, but aren’t a lot of careers just big, fancy versions of games we used to play as kids? If you forget about the money, how are pop idols different from the little girls they used to be, that sang into their plastic microphones or into spoons or hairbrushes and danced for their family’s home videos? Sure, she’s got a bigger audience now, and a paycheck, but what else? And what about businessmen? They sure remind me of kids playing store games with monopoly money and toy cash registers. And let’s n
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 2 2
God Save The Lolita pt. 2
Dear Diary,
    It’s a nice morning and I woke up feeling a little better than last night. I suppose I should finish what I started, huh? So…More about me, I guess. Hm, what’s a good start? I already covered the basics, so I guess I should talk about my favorite things. It might seem odd for a girl in my situation, but I adore music, especially the hardcore scene. I like mostly unknown and unsigned bands I see at the shows I sneak out to. They’re normally pretty cheap, and it’s often much easier to go see them every week or so than to worry about buying, then hiding a bunch of CDs. No, I only buy music from my favorite bands! I don’t think Mother would take too kindly to seeing a stack of CDs with some, admittedly, pretty scary names sitting on my bed. That doesn’t mean I don’t listen to normal radio-stuff, though, because I do! It’s just MUCH easier to download those and change the file names [Hehe]. Anyways, moving on,
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 3 3
God Save The Lolita
Dear Diary,
  My name is Lisette Marie Carlyle, and let it be known that from this day forwards, that I vow to NEVER fall in love again! All boys, no matter how pretty or “nice”, are PIGS! I HATE them so! I never want to speak to one ever again! I’ll just be a nice little old lady who lives in a house with her cats, how about that, DAMIEN MCKINLEY?! Yes, I know he’s never going to read this, but it feels nice to write it out. Mother, if you ever invade my privacy and read this diary because I’m out running around with lesbian nun strippers or something, Damien McKinley turned me. Don’t be mad at me, please! It’s not my fault!
   More on that boy later. I suppose I should introduce myself to you, huh, Diary? I’m Lisette. I’m 16 years old. I’ve got blonde curls, naturally, and green eyes. Oh, and I dress very “Lolita”. It’s generally a pretty fun lifestyle, but you see…I live a kind of odd life
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 2 7
Mature content
Vampire Heart :iconmissdantil:MissDantil 4 17
Coin-Operated Girl
See that lovely girl over there?
She’s latched onto his arm, giggling.
She motors behind him as he
Steers her through the crowds.
Did he buy her from the toy store?
A perfect little china doll,
Wrapped up delicately in satin and lace, face painted
Just so, she always says the right thing.
Smiles, laughs at all the perfect times.
Oh, but how hard can it really be?
He asks question “A”, she gives response “B”.
After all, he’s got her programmed.
She’s just his coin-operated girl.
:iconmissdantil:MissDantil 4 4

Random Favourites

Cosplay: Minamimoto Sho by Risachantag Cosplay: Minamimoto Sho :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 2,314 438 Broken by Tasteoftorment Broken :icontasteoftorment:Tasteoftorment 2 4 chibi Dantil and EEAHN by xxbridg3tt3 chibi Dantil and EEAHN :iconxxbridg3tt3:xxbridg3tt3 2 1 Stoppit by kenniyakka Stoppit :iconkenniyakka:kenniyakka 2 12
High Contrast
I stayed up last night
and spit on a picture of you.
Well, not really spit
More like burned in the kitchen sink
but I pretended it was your precious face
and the flames licking the corners were little droplets of gross.
I don't know why you're still on my brain.
It's been 14 years
If it hadn't been for that picture
I wouldn't even remember what you look like
But there you were
I claw my head until it bleeds
if only to forget you
to forget a face that doesn't exist
to tell a lie only I can make true
That I can still be okay.
Gazing skyward
Grazing the sun with bare eyes
It's so hot on my skin
My blood boils and now I know where you live
When did this become a song to my heart?
Your name
on my teeth
on the back of my eyelids
As I clench both in my sleep
And I'm not crying
Not yet, anyway
But something in my heart
Isn't telling me I'm strong anymore.
Well I'm finding that it all is the truth
And I'm finding my own past
In tracks on fresh snow
And I can see you
Can you see me?
I c
:iconkenniyakka:kenniyakka 6 16
Day of Silence
I’m holding my tongue today
Because the hate won’t go away.
In the grave, suicide victims lay
Who were discriminated because they were gay.
I’m stopping my words today
Because the violence won’t go away.
In the grave, hate crime victims lay
Who were killed because they were gay.
I’m keeping my silence today
Because the awareness just won’t stay.
In the grave I lay
Saying it’s definitely okay to be gay.
:iconimxsoxrad:ImxSoxRad 4 6
Personality Clash by Casslass Personality Clash :iconcasslass:Casslass 574 134 Razorblade by PatrickRuegheimer Razorblade :iconpatrickruegheimer:PatrickRuegheimer 1,420 452 Repo meme by ferril-sama Repo meme :iconferril-sama:ferril-sama 925 187 Repo the genetic opera by aliceinsane Repo the genetic opera :iconaliceinsane:aliceinsane 856 82
This Time Imperfect
It was the end of the end of the world, everyone knew. People began to get sick with an unknown disease. Random, severe aches and pains, bones are disintegrating, people are coughing up the dust and dark blood.
Honestly? Even though it was the last night on earth, I couldn’t have been happier. I was spending my last day with you. You took my hand, leading me across the big, grassy field. I could see that you held your free hand to your mouth, suppressing a cough. We ended our journey, sitting at the roots of a dead tree. The crispy, grey leaves were scattered around the base of the tree trunk where we collapsed. Our fall must’ve triggered something for you screamed out, squeezing my hand tighter. I looked on in agony, hating myself that there was nothing I could do. After the wave of pain had subsided, you smiled at me.
“I’m fine, really.” You never could lie about lies to me. You leaned over and pressed your lips to mine, a kiss that quickly deepened. I could
:iconimxsoxrad:ImxSoxRad 5 13
Well, you felt weird today.
Yes, Indeed, he did.
Like someone was talking about you-
Like when a mother tells you to stick nothing
but your elbow in your ear-
And then they stuff a whole wad of cotton
                                                  up there.
Well he felt strange, like someone was
watching him_
Peeking around the corner,
Very much happy to see you, By The Way!
Someone SAW you laughing,
Laughing, Laughing, by yourself.
Someone SAW him,
On your stupid little island.
No wonder you're so skinny,
Running around in circles must keep you really fit.
Must keep you really dizzy.
So much so that you don't see what's around
you anymore.
And what's that leave you?
:iconkenniyakka:kenniyakka 1 23
The River :Drowning Lessons: 6
{ 2 days later}                                                                                                                                                                    &
:iconimxsoxrad:ImxSoxRad 1 6
The Great British Seaside by ulorinvex The Great British Seaside :iconulorinvex:ulorinvex 1,024 79 cool and refreshing by photography-by-vara cool and refreshing :iconphotography-by-vara:photography-by-vara 578 62
Grey Matter
The room is painted red with black framing the floor and ceiling. We're laying on a bunk-futon bed with a similar fashion. We're staring out the window with half-lidded eyes, it's grey outside. Our backs are against the wall the bottom bunk is set beside, our legs covered by the cherry colored comforter.
You're sitting lopsided, so you can get both arms around me comfortably. My head lays on your shoulder and your cheek is squished with my hair. Despite the fact that we're sitting up, I want to fall asleep again, but I don't, I want to live the moment and to have the moment last.
It feels like it's more than just your arms that are around me, it literally feels like you are around me. The scent of your cologne and the apple shampoo that you sue with a trace of aftershave suffocates the air I'm breathing. But I don't mind, it's actually quite nice. It reminds me that I'm not as alone as I thought I was, that you're right along side me to back me up and pull me through. Turns out
:iconimxsoxrad:ImxSoxRad 6 43

Journal History



Nobody does it better.
United States
Current Residence: Wasteland
Favourite genre of music: Just about anything
Personal Quote: Nobody does it better.
  • Listening to: GO MY WAY!!-various IDOLM@STER Girls
  • Reading: Text books, because I'm in college
  • Watching: Nothing, because I'm in college
  • Playing: Nothing, because I'm in college
  • Eating: Nothing, because I'm in college
  • Drinking: Energy drinks, because I'm in college
Sup guise. Does anyone still remember me? dA, do you still want me? :<

Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it? Sadly, school and stress and a school year full of "Creative/emotional rut" feelings sorta got me down on writing and stuff I usually submit here. It's sad. I miss writing a lot! However, when you're bogged down with papers and assignments and "to-do," writing is more closely associated with chores than with fun. I have written some shat over the past few years, mostly nonfic stuff. I blog on Destructoid under the name "GeekyJuuu," so you can totes check that out!

Creatively speaking, I'm still acting. Sort of. I am so blessed and so lucky to have received the opportunity to play Sailor Moon in the Salad Time Soldiers group, a group of lovely ladies [and you too, Tuxedo Mask!] who specialize in performing Sailor Moon musicals [better known as Sera Myu] as well as original skits based on Myu, or even just various dances from Myu in a "jukebox musical" styled performance. This is one of my dream roles, and I can gladly say "Play Sailor Moon" can be crossed off my bucket list. I am honestly happier than you could EVER imagine to get this chance, so check them out too. :> Maybe you'll see photos/videos when I make my debut! :P

But that's about it. My life has been hella busy, but I lurk, quietly. And I do want to write again, creatively....M-maybe. ^^; So far, most of that is channeled into school, or to cosplay, so sometimes it's hard to still have energy left.

But I'm trying! Gotta keep 200% energetic!! Haha. What things am I doing now?
-Expanding my knowledge of visual novels
-Watching IDOLMster in my free time, game plays and the show
-And lots and lots of school work.

But I still love you, dA. And I'm going to post this so I am more inspired to do...THINGS! idk, some sort of things.

Au revoir, arrivederci, and goodnight. <3


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